Welcome to the Livestream Universe

Welcome to the Livestream Universe


It took only a few days immersed in viewing broadcasts on Blab.im and Periscope to became fascinated and excited about the possiblities these platfoms have to revolutionize social media and video communication.  To paraphrase the famous Jon Landau quote about a young Bruce Springsteen, I saw the social media future and it’s name is Blab!

I’m absolutely in love with Blab. Already it’s the most social of social networks. Within  a few days, people I had followed on Twitter for years came to life in front of my eyes. To hear the depth of their views, experience their laughs and observe how they interact with others live on camera–this is a revelation!

The Most Social of Networks

Lose the scripted monologues and multiple takes plus editing of produced YouTube videos. Done forever is the frustration and confusion with clunky Google Plus Hangouts on Air. Forget about emailing links and being limited to only one person live on-screen.

Lisa Larter (left) and Melonie Dodaro talk business and social media.

Blab is so easy to use, to join , to move between shows. Up to four people are on-air and on-camera at the same time, each in their own live video box. This is essentially talk-radio with webcams. It’s all about the conversation, substance and personality of those on-air.

Jennifer Quinn stars on “The Daily Q Show.”

Think of a radio show simulcast on TV. That is Blab. And thanks to Blab, that can be anyone of us. Not ready to hop on-camera yet? No worries, leave your comments and questions in the chat box and the hosts and other viewers will respond. Welcome to the democratization of interactive broadcasting!

Great Shows

Oh yeah, the content on some of the shows is really good, particularly if you are interested in such topics as social media, marketing, business and entrepreneurship. Micheal Stelzner (aka @mike_stelzner) and the team from Social Media Examiner have a polished and popular weekly show covering the latest developments in social media.

Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner hosts “Social Media Marketing Talk.”

Brian Fanzo (aka @iSocialFanz) hosts three shows where he brings the same energy and passion for social media that make him a popular keynote speaker. Jennie-Mustafa-Julock (aka @CoachJennie) has gone all-in on the platform, hosting both on-the-record (recorded shows available for replay viewing) and off-the-record blabs (shows that are not recorded) in which she provides advice, thought-leadership and the occasional “cathartic shove” to her clients, fellow coaches, solopreneurs and others.

roberto blake
Roberto Blake, recently featured in Forbes, is a skilled host and producer.

There are also stars of livestream who are new to me. I’ve come across them as hosts, scheduled guests or call-ins (people who jump into the conversation, approved by the host, via an open seat): Mitch Jackson, Melonie Dodaro and Lisa Larter, Robert C Stern, Bonnie Frank, Roberto Blake, Karen Graves, Jennifer Quinn and Vincenzo Landino.

coach jennie
Jennie Mustafa-Julock is “The Audacity Coach” and Blab thought-leader.

Most were popular on social media before I encountered them on Blab. Now they are reaching a new audience and making a great impression as authorities, broadcasters and personalities. This should positively impact their businesses, especially as more users join Blab.

Mitch Jackson is the “streaming lawyer.”

Periscope is a different animal. It is one person broadcasting a live monologue via a mobile device. The Scopes only survive as replays for 24 hours after the live broadcast ends, although a third-party service called Katch can archive broadcasts for long-term replay viewing.

Mobile Monologues

The best Periscopes address a question that people have, such as “How can I get more traffic to my website?” Periscope can also be used for livestreaming events and speeches.

scope pass sunday
From left: Amy Schmittauer, Vincenzo Landino and Sue B. Zimmerman pass the mic on Periscope.

Given my excitement at discovering these platforms and their potential, I quickly started a Twitter account aimed at covering livestreaming. Within eight days, @LivestreamUni had more than 500 followers.

From there, growth has been slower, as expected, since livestreaming early adopters and enthusiasts are still a tiny community. The newer platforms remain in their infancy. Periscope only launched in March 2015 and Blab remains in beta.

Livestream Universe vol 3We now  have a related website highlighting recommended livestream shows and replays. Livestream Universe will increase its coverage of digital broadcasting with both original and curated content. Our first show, #LivestreamStars, debuts at 7pm, Monday, November 23rd on Blab.

What do you like or dislike about Blab and Periscope? Leave a comment below.

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