#LivestreamStars Debuts on Blab

#LivestreamStars features interviews with top broadcasters delivering high-quality content across livestream platforms. The show is presented by Livestream Universe and airs every Monday at 7pm ET on Blab. Jennifer Quinn, host of The Daily Q Show, was my guest for the debut episode on November 23. We discussed what it takes to host a daily show […]

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Welcome to the Livestream Universe

Welcome to the Livestream Universe   It took only a few days immersed in viewing broadcasts on and Periscope to became fascinated and excited about the possiblities these platfoms have to revolutionize social media and video communication.  To paraphrase the famous Jon Landau quote about a young Bruce Springsteen, I saw the social media future and it’s name […]

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Ross Brand NYU Panelists

NYU Panel: Executing a Successful Career Change

I had the honor of serving as the moderator for the NYU SHRM panel on “executing a successful career change.” The audience was primarily HR graduate students along with a few alumni and grad students from other programs. The panelists included: My HR Avant-Garde colleague Debbie Wong (next to me in group photo), the only non-career changer […]

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Let’s Cut Through All the Personal Branding Noise

Develop a reputation for exceptional execution and outstanding customer service on the projects you touch. Confused about where to start when it comes to personal branding? Let’s go to the source, “The Brand Called You,” Tom Peters’ classic Fast Company article? In 1997, Peters accurately predicted how the nature of work would change and the importance of personal […]

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Ross Brand NYU HR

How to Growth Hack Your Career

Gain skills and experiences through leadership roles, self-directed learning and creating your own opportunities. I had the pleasure of speaking to HR graduate students at NYU on the value of leadership roles to their career development. I encouraged Master’s candidates to gain skills and experiences beyond those offered at their jobs or in the classroom by participating […]

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