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Closing Warm Leads: Upgrade Your Social Footprint for Conversions in a Few Easy Steps

Let’s slow down the hustle for a moment and focus on working smart.

When it comes to converting online, I want to spotlight one of the biggest mistakes people are making.

Stick with me here, as this is an easy fix that most of us could handle in a matter of hours.

Yet the benefits could do more to grow your business than you probably realize.

Optimize Your Search Results

It’s all about optimizing your top Google and Bing search results to convert warm leads.

What is a warm lead?

google search

In this context, let’s define a warm lead as someone who is looking for the product or service you provide and has had a trusted source recommend you (or your product/service) as the solution.

Why do I consider that person a warm lead? Because they are favorably disposed to work with you and are looking for confirmation that you will deliver what they need.

Think Like a Warm Lead

They want to find something to make it easy to say yes to working with you.
The next step they will likely take is to Google you. And that’s where your results on page one, above the fold, come to matter. A LOT!

Bing search

So do your results on Bing, because if you’ve ever asked ChatGPT for information about someone, there is a good chance a Bing search is enlisted to generate the response.

What Your Results Reveal

Will they find evidence to convince them that you are the one? That it’s time to write the check?
Or will they come away wondering if you are up to the task?

That’s why we must Google (and Bing) ourselves in a private browser once every quarter.

Making a Quick Fix


Here is the least we need to do with the results:

  1. Start at the top of page one and click on each result in descending order that falls above the fold.
  2. When you visit a webpage or social media account in the search results, adopt the mindset that you are a potential client or customer looking at this for the first time. Based on what you see, would you hire you?
  3. Now focus on the most viewed areas of a social profile that make the biggest first impression. Is your bio up-to-date? Are you using the best profile photo for your industry and desired customer base? Is the story your banner tells aligned with your current business objectives
  4. Let’s move down to the content on the page or the social account. A new visitor is likely to focus on what’s most recent. On Instagram, that’s the last 6-9 photos on your profile. On Twitter, it’s your pinned Tweet. On your blog, it’s the latest post, and so forth. Perhaps you need to add a new piece of content to ensure a representation of your best work is on top. Update/edit that which can be improved and, in the case of your pinned Tweet, it just might be time for a change.
  5. Struggling to rewrite your bio, headline or other web content? Take what you have and ask ChatGPT to revise it or offer new recommendations.

Start to think about your digital footprint as an online portfolio not much different than the work samples an artist or writer might present when interviewing for a job.

When it comes to closing warm leads, it isn’t all about how much or how often you post. It’s about the quality of what is found, the attention to detail and the impression it leaves the customer or client about your suitability for the role.

Your Turn

What’s a simple tweak someone could make to upgrade their online footprint?

Message me your thoughts.